Raise the Roof – Part 2

Emotions That Take Strong People Down. 

Sampson was EMOTION driven not SPIRIT led. 

Galatians 5:16-17

Judges 14:14

Judges 14:18

Emotions that take down strong men. 

1- Sampson burned with ANGER. 

Judges 14:19-20

The spiritual climate is lower when we are not spirit led. We live by the way and not the spirit. 

The default emotion is anger. 

Blame games

Payback games

You are the one responsible for you spiritual walk. 

Might need to make some apologies. Make things right. 

If you’re kids don’t hear your heart they could walk in anger. 

2- Sampson was filled with PRIDE. 

Judges 15:15-16

Sampson was being arrogant. Men feel like they have to win. Likes to brag. One up game. Guys have an inner desire to succeed. 

Pride is born our of insecurities. 

God is the main character of the story. 

Samson is in need. 

If you let you need drive you to God, God will fulfill your deepest need. 

Judges 15:18-19

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