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It’s a new year and I have been thinking a lot about what’s to come for Bane Tech. Last year there was a nice rate of growth and I am looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in-store for the website and channel. One of the new additions coming to Bane Tech is a new live show via Google Hangouts On Air. The show will simply be called Bane Tech Live. Bane Tech Live is going to be airing on Sundays at 3pm EST. The first episode is set for February 1st. The team and I have been planning out the show for a little while now and we are all excited to be bringing you guys a new show for your viewing pleasure. We hope to present fresh content each week with News Bytes, Featured Stories, Interviews, Guests, Giveaways, Interesting Finds, and more!

This Sunday we will be broadcasting a preview to the show coming up. In the Preview Show we are going to be talking about what we are looking forward to, expectations, and a chance for you to meet the panel members. The show will also be recorded as a podcast for those who will like to listen to the audio.

Be sure to tune in Sunday January 11th at 3pm EST for our Preview Show! Then starting February 1st begins the regular schedule of Bane Tech Live.

This wouldn’t be a complete post without some input from the rest of the team. I must say I am proud of this group and I believe you the viewer will enjoy what they bring to the table. Here are a few words from the guys!


With the Bane-Tech Live weekly hangout, I hope that the team can bring a fresh, interesting and captivating take on mobile devices, news and technology. Considering the diverse backgrounds and age range of the team members, I expect conversations, news bytes and topics to have a unique perspective that, hopefully, is not a rehash or copy of any other group’s presentation. The focus will always be the ‘everyday user experience’, with a goal towards giving informative opinions that help and entertain the viewer.


My excitement and what I’m looking forward to with Bane Tech Live is to connect the everyday tech savvy people like myself face to face. Providing informative tech news, helpful tips and tricks, software and hardware development going forward, introducing/working with the developers and manufacturers, and teaching people that own a tech device how to make it their own. I really love the fact that I can be the middle man that helps others that may have questions for all that is tech. 2015 will be a great year for tech as you have seen at CES but more events are coming like MWC (Mobile World Congress), IFA in Berlin, and others like the Big Android BBQ6 conference. I believe with the help of Team Bane-Tech, Bane Tech Live will provide useful unbiased information for the everyday tech enthusiasts out there ranging from beginners all the way up to advanced users. 2015 will be the beginning but note my tag line (I’m Rooting for you) pun intended!


I’m looking forward to some new and exciting things in 2015.  One of the big ones for me is the start of the Bane Tech Live show, which I’m thankful, grateful, and humbled to be a part of.  As strong as all those feelings are, they don’t compare to the excitement I have!  I’m a techie at heart, and I’m really looking forward to comparing everyone’s opinions on what I love – All things tech!  I also look forward to hearing the opinions and thoughts of all those who take the time to watch or listen to the show.  The more I know about tech, allows me to make smarter decisions when purchasing, identify the best methods for modifying what I have, and allow me to learn more about… you guessed it… Technology.  I’m also looking for being able to contribute to these discussions as well.  We all have our preferences, and while I may have my favorite companies, developers, operating systems, and service providers (all of which I will gladly discuss the good, bad and ugly for), I’m also open to keeping my mind open to what others, both on the Bane Tech Team and those following along, have to say about their favorite pieces of tech.  I know there’s plenty of good, great, even excellent shows out there.  I’m hopeful we can fall into one of those categories, and possibly bring something a little different that will be enjoyable to all.  I’m approaching this not only as a member of the team, but also as a fan, so while this show will be aimed to entertain all watching, keep in mind, it will be entertainment for me, and hopefully the other members of the team as well.

David –

I absolutely love to consume web content….whether it is cat videos, full length movies or a great tech video. I began watching the Bane Tech videos a while back and was impressed by the overall tone of the channel; nothing so lofty to the point of unwatchability , but nothing so basic to where I was left feeling like I had just wasted 3-5 minutes of my day. When Joshua invited me to join the Bane Tech team and to help create the Live Show , I was floored. On a web full of noise, a podcast is a fun way to add to it (and hopefully say something in the process). There isn’t really a show that talks about how the average person can use their devices to a big benefit while combining some analysis for the more refined user. I hope that Bane Tech Live fills that space and stays enjoyable! Its 2015 so we have a lot of great devices that we can all anticipate (S6, iPhone 7/7+, Note 5 and who knows what else!) Also, the tech events are going to be a ton of fun to weigh in on. I can’t wait!


This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and the pieces are coming together for it to actually happen. Honestly, I am just as nervous as I am excited for the new show. This is a big commitment to be made, to dedicate my Sunday afternoons to the show/viewer, and to bring something to the table that is original in nature. YouTube is saturated with tech channels and it has been my goal to not mimic anyone else and to be myself. Bane Tech has been and always will be about The Everyday User Experience. My goal is to make this fun, interesting, and different from the other guys. I don’t look at the others as competition, but as a community. As a community I want to do my part and be a contributing citizen and I hope this will be one of the ways I can do my part.

(Update) Bane Tech Live will be monthly on the first Sunday of every month at 3pm EST

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and we sincerely hope you found it helpful and enjoyable! Please feel free to leave your thoughts down below in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to Bane Tech onYouTube, Google+, Facebook. Twitter & Instagram!

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