Piel Frama iPhone 5 Cowhide Ostrich Skin Leather Wallet Case

Piel is a Spanish tech accessory company full of fine products for many devices. Here we have their cowhide, ostrich skin leather wallet case for the iPhone 5. This case is made from the real deal genuine leather. The aroma from opening the box gives you a sense of sweet leather smells that will tickle your nose. The flip cover opens from the bottom and folds back flip up over the top. The wallet has three card slots for average size credit and ID cards. It also has a couple strong magnets to keep the cover closed. The case is constructed really nice and will accommodate the person who like leather wallet cases.


This case is made really well. The stitching is small and fine with no errors. The texture of the case is something that makes this case stand out from the crown of other cases. There these cool little bumps that add character to the case. It also creates a better grip on the case. It absolutely feels great in the hand.


Functionality is something Piel Frama kept in mind. Not all flip cases work well, but this case flows just fine. It doesn’t feel like the flip cover is a hinderance from everyday use of the case. Although snapping a pic, I would recommend turning the phone/case horizontal for a better photography experience. I’d rather not have to hold the flip cover up while trying to take a pic. As far as other features like the wallet, it will hold the essentials and consolidate your necessary items.


I really enjoyed reviewing this case. It is very unique in design and structure. I really like the feel and texture of the leather skin. If you are looking for a leather wallet style case that is elegant, stylish and sophisticated; this is the case for you. There are more styles to choose from over at PielFrama.com, so be sure to check em out and find the perfect case for your device case needs.

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