Pebble Time – Meh…

Pebble has announced their new smartwatch called the Pebble Time. They are sticking to their roots with launching the device with Kickstarter and you can begin to pledge your support right now. Unlike the first launch the project is about complete and pretty much only waiting for funding. So far the funding is flowing in at a good pace, but honestly I am not that excited about it.

As an Android user who uses Android Wear, the Moto 360 is still the best choice to me for what smartwatch I choose to wear. Other watches I would consider would be the Asus Zenwatch or the LG R. There are some other interesting watches coming out soon as well to keep an eye out for. One of the main ones many people will be wanting to see is the new Apple Watch coming out in the Spring of this year. With that said the Pebble Time is actually the best choice for an Apple user.


Right now you can fund the Kickstarter and get a watch for $159, which gets you one watch with a choice of colors. The Apple Watch is projected to cost around $350 and in my honest opinion that is way overpriced for something that looks like a toy. Coming back to the thought of the Pebble Time to be the best choice for Apple users…the new Pebble watch will significantly cost less than the Apple Watch and have much of the same functionality. Not too mention the battery life on the Pebble Time is insane clocking in at around a week’s worth of battery life. No other smartwatch can claim that title. I get about a day and half worth of battery life with my Moto 360.

But I am not an iPhone user. Therefore, the Pebble Time is just meh to me. The Pebble Time’s bezel is huge, still looks like a toy, and while the price is cheaper than most smartwatches I still don’t think it’s worth that much. The original Pebble’s value ought to be around $50 retail at this point and is priced at $100. The Moto 360 costs just $250 regular price and is the most I would spend on a smartwatch. I was pleased and relieved the 360 didn’t exceed the $250 mark.

Looks mean a lot to me when considering what smartwatch I want to use, which is a huge reason I held off on getting the Samsung Live or LG G Watch. Both of those look cheap and toyish to me. The LG R is a better option, but I don’t care foe the built in numbers dial on the perimeter and I like the classic look versus a sports design.  As mentioned above I like the Asus Zen watch and that’s because of the classy style it showcases.

I am thankful for the smartwatch road Pebble paved a while back. They gave hope and expectation of great things to come as far as what wearables would be like. However, I think they will miss the boat with at least Android users. Last year Moto, LG, and Asus spoiled us with premium smartwatches. The Pebble Time is obviously cheaper than the watches I have mentioned, but if you are in the market for a smartwatch I would recommend saving up and invest a little more into something like the Moto 360. It will be worth your time if you’re primarily an Android user. On the other hand if you’re an iPhone user or switch between the two platforms, the Pebble Time is probably the best bet as far as choosing between it and the Apple Watch. Unless if you want to spend your hard earned dollars on an overpriced Apple Watch, then it’s all you.

What’s your thoughts on the new Pebble Time? Are you going to get one? Why or why not? Explain in the comments.

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