OtterBox Cases review for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

OtterBox Cases review for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

OtterBox has been the standard when it comes to rugged cases for our mobile devices. Over the years OtterBox has improved it’s design with their standing series along with introducing some new designs. For this review we are taking a look at the OtterBox Commuter Seres and Symmetry Series. Both cases are great and to be honest I’m not sure which I like more. Keep reading to find out more!

Commuter Series

The Commuter Series cases is a go-to case. You can’t really go wrong with it. Especially if you couple it with a tempered glass screen protector, which turns into the best protection for you mobile device. It’s no exception with the new Galaxy S7 Edge Commuter Series case. This is a case I would recommend to anyone.


In the past the inner layer over time would get a little loose or attract lint/dust because it was more of a silicone material versus the tougher/denser tpu material that is used now. I much prefer the tpu material as it doesn’t wear and tear. The outer shell is a hard polycarbonate plastic, which makes it pocketable and protective.

One of the reasons why I like the OtterBox Commuter Series over the Defender Series is that the hard shell in on the outside. I like to put my phones in my pocket and this case design allows that to happen with ease. The Defender Series has gotten better over the years, but still tends to cause more friction pulling the phone out of my pocket than I prefer. That’s where the Commuter Series benefits users like myself.


Installing the Commuter Series is not difficult and only takes a minute to complete. While the process is simple, there are some pointers I would like to suggest to help you complete a successful installation.

  • Remove the inner layer
  • Install the inner layer by folding over the edges of the case over the sides of the phone
  • Use your fingernail to slip the button cover over the buttons
  • Once everything is in place, take the hard shell and start at the bottom
  • Fit in the port covers and edges
  • Then snap in the top
  • Massage in the rest of the case
  • Make sure the port covers and seams are all together

Be sure to watch the video review for a demonstration of how to install this case of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

One of the first things I noticed about the Commuter Series case for the GS7E was that the buttons feel good to press and have a tactile action. This is big improvement from years past. It’s a deal breaker for me if the buttons are hard to press.


Other things to mention is that the ports are big enough for standard sized cables and do not interfere with plugging in. My only complaint with this case was the bottom seams are not as flush as I prefer at the start. It took more adjusting than I wanted to go through, but wasn’t too bad to get it all worked out.

Symmetry Series

This was the first time I have owned a Symmetry Series case and I must say this has become one of my favorites. So much that I want to say that I like it over the Commuter Series case. Here’s why…

  • Slimmer design
  • No port covers
  • No need to install two pieces


The case installs easier than the Commuter Series case and still has a snug fit. I have confidence no dust or lint will get trapped between the case and phone, which is a big deal due to the fact of the glass back of the GS7E that can be prone to scratching.

Final Thoughts

The Symmetry Series case is very similar to the Commuter Series case and at the end of the day both are going to give you great protection without a ton of bulk.

What it boils down to is what do you want out of the case? How can the case accommodate your life/lifestyle? If you’re outdoors a lot or around environments that elements come in contact with your device, I would recommend the Commuter Series case. Reason being, because of the port covers. Remember the GS7E is water resistant. Otherwise, the Symmetry Series case will suite ya just fine.

With that said, although I like the button press better on the Commuter Series case, I am leaning more towards the Symmetry Series case as my daily driver case.

Oh! don’t forget that the Symmetry Series Case has a sub-category of Graphics Case. There are some cool patterns to choose from. Personally, I like the Graffiti the most, which is pictured in this post.


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