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OnePlus 5 – five things they could have done better

OnePlus 5 was announced today and while it seems to be a top notch mid-priced phone, there are some ideas that could have made it better.

For the most part the OnePlus 5 is spec heavy (8GBs OF RAM!) and has some nice features. One of my favorite traits of OnePlus is the OS, Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS is derived from a custom ROM that you used to have to root a phone in order to get it. In my opinion it’s what stock Android should be like. OnePlus has also done well with design and cameras. So what could they have done differently?

Screen Resolution

This by no means is a deal breaker, but it is 2017 and they still are using a 1080p screen. OnePlus does do a good job with how their screen look and make attempts to make them visible in daylight. It’s just, 2017. We need to see a 2k screen.

OnePlus 5

Dual SIM Card vs SD Card

While dual SIM cards are nice to have to be able to use two phone lines, it just can’t be as needed compared to an SD card slot. There is obviously room for an SD card because of the space provided for the extra SIM card. I don’t like it when companies take advantage of charging more money for higher GBs. Keep the price lower and give us the option of inserting an SD card. I’m sure people would prefer an SD card option versus an extra SIM card slot.


OnePlus claims to have listened to the people and gave more network bands. As a matter of fact said it is a truly globally supported phone. That’s not true until it supports the largest US carrier, Verizon.

With that said though, there are some Verizon network band types. You can read about HERE. Trust me, this will be one of the first things I test out when I get the OnePlus 5 in later this week. Stay tuned for any updates.


Have I said what year it is? Waterproofing a device is becoming a standard. I do keep in mind that this is technically a mid-priced device and not all features make it over to such devices. However, companies like Motorola can at least give splash protection with a special coating, even on their low cost models.

Waterproofing a phone is important because of simply protection and of course some fun in water.

Front Facing Speakers

The Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have spoiled us this year with their minimal bezel designs. Many people are going to compare to those devices. The OnePlus 5 left us with some bezel and now seems to be looked at as an opportunity to fill the empty space. Definitely not nearly as bad as the Pixel’s monster chin. What would have been nice to see would be some front facing speakers. It’s not a deal breaker, but ever since hearing the experience from phones like the Nexus 6P, there’s just nothing else like it. Sound sounds so much better coming at you, not away from you.

Since OnePlus basically copied the design of the iPhone 7 Plus, mind as well at the very least give us some speakers like the iPhone.

One More For Good Measure

As mentioned from the last point, OnePlus 5 looks a lot like the iPhone 7 Plus. OnePlus did an amazing job of giving us a GREAT design back with the OnePlus One with their sandstone back. My favorite design to date. I would have liked to seen a more unique design from OnePlus. However, with that said, I am not heartbroken over it, as it is a great design. I much prefer metal backs versus all the glass we tend to see these days.


Regardless of what could have been better for the OnePlus 5, I am still getting one as it is one of my favorite phones each year. Get yours by clicking the link HERE.

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