NOMAD’s ChargeKey – The World’s Smallest USB Cable

NOMAD started out as one of those kickstarter programs, but did exceptionally well. They exceeded their goal by 300% and if that in itself gives an indicator this product means business. At first they began with a card-like USB cable/connection accessory but has recently developed and produced the ChargeKey. The ChargeCard is the size of a credit card and is designed to fit in a wallet. The ChargeKey is the size of a key and designed to be attached to a keyring. Both obviously are created for compact, convenient use.

I’ve got the ChargeKey for review and it is one the coolest practical device accessories I have used. The beauty of this thing is it eliminates bulk, tangled messes and keeps an essential within reach at all times. My assumption is we all carry either or both keys and wallets with us wherever we go. NOMAD has kept all those factors in mind.

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As far as the construction of the ChargeKey goes, it is made of a mixture of tough silicone type material and plastics; of course the electronics for charging and syncing. This is made to be durable and take a beating. It’s safe to say our keys get banged up during everyday use. From anyone who I have talked to about this cable, they are impressed with how the ChargeKey has lasted through the daily grind. At the time of this post I have only had the ChargeKey for a few days, so I will report back in a few weeks with how the ChargeKey is holding up.

Being known as the little guy is all good, but how does it perform? I put it through some of my own tests using a Nexus 7 (2013), Motorola Photon Q and Moto X. All of which I connected to my MacBook. MacBooks tend to have their preferences of whom they like to work with, so I was curious of what devices the ChargeKey would play nice with. First, the Nexus 7 pretty much would only work as a charger cable. But I think this is more of a Nexus 7 fault than the ChargeKey. Next up was the Photon Q and it worked as a charger and the MacBook recognized it for file management but it took a little playing around with settings to get to work properly. Lastly, the Moto X worked perfectly with charging and syncing.

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Another cool fact is the cable is flexible which is a must have feature due to how the mini USB shape will cause you to need to plugin the cable in a certain direction. iOS has a one up on the mini USB in that respect. The Lightening Cable can be plugged in either directions. Back to the mini USB, there will be times you will have to flip the device to be able to operate the cable and device simultaneously. Check out the video for an example.

Overall, the ChargeKey is a really neat cable and offers a simple solution for charging and syncing options. I see this as a tool to carry with at all times for the instances you or someone you know needs a quick charge or wants to use it for file management. I find it rather humorous I have my ChargeKey next to my bottle opener! Two essential items for the thirsty geek 😉

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