No Spend October 2013

Recently, my wife proposed an idea she saw across the web about this thing called No Spend October. In short the concept is pretty simple. Only spend money on essentials. This promotes some unique qualities if you really take hold to the discipline of not spending money on things you don’t need. Now what exactly qualifies as a need?

Well, generally gas, bills, food and medical supplies would sum up the list for me. But even then food is relative. So my family is making the goal to not spend money on any extra food than what we already have, with the exception of items like milk, bread and anything my two little kids need. The point is to not eat out, no desserts, no extra items.

Now if you know my wife and I, we are deal hunters and finders. She is amazing at couponing and I can find good deals on more so the fun things in life, such as techi products (go figure, right?). With that said, we have to steer away from those website we like to pay attention to. October actually makes it very hard to not spend. Many stores are marking items clearance and those are the best times to find those sweet deals. But hey what is sacrifice if it is made to be easy?

Some of the things we want to accomplish by participating in No Spend October is:

  • Save some money
  • Be creative with what we have
  • Communication skills
  • Be good stewards with what we have
  • Develop a lifestyle of being frugal

Obviously there will be some things we will learn through the journey, so be sure to stay tuned here for more updates throughout the month of October. Part of this promise not to spend is part of our faith in Christ. Part of being a believer is to be a good steward with what you are given. For Americans, money is a huge deal for just about what walk of life you are part of. From rich to poor, working class to un-employed. No matter what we are blessed and we want to try creative ways to worship God. There are tons of verses dealing with money and it is a disservice to ignore the important matter of money.

Have you heard about No Spend October? If so, are you participating. If not, now that you know, are you going to take the plunge? Share your struggles and victories in the comments!

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