Nexus 6P Minimal Protective Case – Verus High Pro Shield

Verus is one of the cases I look forward to getting for any phone that I get. Their High Pro Shield is one of my favorites for the Nexus 6P. As soon as I put it on it became one of my preferred cases for the Nexus 6P.

Unfortunately, the first batch of cases had a setback with the charging port being too small for the cable to fit correctly. But the issue has been fixed and customers are being sent updated cases.

Build Quality

The case is made of two layers of TPU plastics. Prior to this design they were using a metal frame. While the metal frame added a premium look and feel; it actually was not the best design for a couple reasons. One, the metal increases the chances of signal blockage. Secondly, if dropped the frame could leave a pressure point if dropped.


The plastic frame still looks like it is metal, so as far as looks go it looks nice. The rest of the case is TPU with different textures throughout. The main back area feels pretty cool with a brushed aluminum design. The top camera visor is a smooth finish giving a resemblance of the visor design.

The case is raised above the screen for screen protection if you wan to place the phone faced down and will help reduce the chances of screen breaks. Along with it being raised above the screen all the edges are covered, which is great for keeping the edges protected and helps with side impacts. Many drops happen on the corner and it’s great to have side/corner protection like the Pro Shield offers.


All buttons and ports have generous cutouts. The only issue with the cutouts I have seen so far is the the usb port is that the top is very thin and has gained a bend in the middle. It’s not a big deal, but poses a chance for it to break. Either way it does not disturb the protection it provides.

The inside of the case has a design that helps displace the energy away from the phone when dropped. The tech is the circular design and the side walls.

Final Thoughts

Verus has provided a good case for the Nexus 6P. It’s got great protection and looks good! There are a handful of cases to choose from as well. This is one of those cases you can’t go wrong with. One of the things I appreciate about the case is the texture on the back. I ordered a cheap tpu gloss finish case when I got the Nexus 6P to carry me over until I got something like Verus, but the gloss finish got on my nerves. The phone no longer felt premium. I couldn’t use the case any longer. Many phones have texture and premium designs. If I need to use a case it’s a must have feature to have some sort of texture on the case.

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