Nexbit Robin’s exclusive color for backers only

The Nexbit Robin announced for backers only get an exclusive color, which is Electric. One of the recent updates in the Robin Kickstarter campaign was a survey to choose colors and make a ringtone. There were some pretty cool looking color options and Electric made it’s way to the top.

Some of the other color options were Royale, Coral, Ocean, Papaya, Electric, and Fresh. Personally I like Electric and Royale the most. What are you favorite colors? Honestly, I like the two colors that are the stock ones a lot as well. But since I am a backer I will be getting the Electric color to be able to have an exclusive design.

Along with the color announcement, there is a promotion for ringtones. Take a look at the official statement below:

We had a composer create a ringtone and alerts for Robin. We think they sound pretty great. We’ve been living with them on our phones for a while, and we want to give you the chance to make your phone a little bit more like Robin while you wait. You can download the sounds folder here. Everything is ready to go for Android users. And for you iPhone users, we’ve even included an .m4r of the ringtone so you can get a head start too.

You’ve helped us customize how Robin looks, now we’d like your help customizing how Robin sounds. Some of you out there must have next level remix skills. we know it. We asked our composer for the ringtone stems so you could jack it, screw it, and make it your own.

Amazingly this project is doing very well. Today they closed the campaign and now we wait for the phone to start shipping once it’s ready. Robin’s goal was only $500,000 and they exceeded that goal by claiming $1,362,343 from 3,611 backers. I was able to snag a Verizon model for the flash sale price of $30o, which I think is quite the deal! I am looking forward to covering this device and being able to experience a new way of using mobile devices. Stay tuned for more Nexbit Robin coverage!

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