New technologies that are changing online gambling

New Technologies That Are Changing Online Gambling

Technology is continuously changing the gaming industry. This was confirmed once again at the giant ICE exhibition in London, with plenty of innovative ideas and products being introduced. It is difficult to choose several solutions from such a huge amount, but one can not help writing about some technological developments. One of the solutions introduced at the exhibition was the system of iDROP from the Austrian Apex Gaming already installed in some casino establishments; it is described as a technical revolutionary innovation in the casino management by Merkur.

The solution adds cash and tickets to live gaming;hence, the cashier is not needed anymore. Thus, tables for online pokies have received elements of iDROP: a cash machine, ticket printer, and touchscreen-display. In such a way, a dealer gets cash and tickets directly at the table exchanging them into chips. When a player wants to cash out chips, the dealer simply prints out the ticket with their value. Gamblers can use these tickets for any gamble, whether it’s another table game, slot machine, or electronic multiplayer. Obviously, this gives the player more options, comfort, and freedom. Hence, tickets from slots can be used at tables with a live dealer or vice versa. You do not need to go to the cashier and exchange everything yourself.


For operators, this is a huge advantage as well. All elements of the gaming hall, including slots, online roulette and live dealer, are connected to the iDROP system. The content on the tables is available for all tables in real time. As a result, the operator needs half as many chips as usual. Players do not buy or cash chips since they all stay on the table. Another remarkable option is the universal offer of plaVorm from Quixant. The system offers developers of gaming machines a complete set of hardware and simple software solutions, allowing them to fully concentrate on game content and development.

Developers had to create their own web-based devices earlier, which is difficult and expensive. “They had to buy components and collect everything,” says Gary Mullins, director of sales and marketing at Quixant. “It was very problematic for gaming companies.” But now Quixant offers a ready-made solution, and the manufacturer can only deal with the creation of games. In the current period of mergers and purchases of companies, everyone realized that a lot of resources are spent on design and working with such devices.

Many big market players already use the Quixant solution. The Gaming Floor Live product from TCS John Huxley is not new, but it has drawn a lot of attention to ICE. GFL is a complete plaVorm network and a site management system that collects data in real time and sends it to the casino management system. PlaVorm gives operators the ability to connect and evaluate any table in the casino hall. The constant flow of data into the system gives an idea of ​​the work of dealers, tables, and what can be improved.

GFL also improves the safety of playgrounds and allows you to manage everything at the same time. The system has a modular structure, so numerous settings allow you to increase casino profits and customer satisfaction. The universal network plaVorm with new protocols allows you to send data to the system for analysis from any developer.

The OnPremise mobile solution from GTECH increases revenue and gaming capabilities without the need for a new gaming space. Integrated solutions allow players to play slots and board games for real money, bet on sports and manage the account – all on a mobile device.

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