Mystery – iPhone 5 & 5S are getting bricked

Over the last couple weeks I have noticed quite a few iPhone 5 and 5S devices getting bricked. I work in a device repair shop called iFixandRepair and we have come across a mystery of why these phones have been showing up DOA. What makes this strange is that to my knowledge any recalls or statements made by Apple concerning anything with their iPhones getting bricked.

Here is what we do know:

  • The issues have only been with iPhone 5 and 5S
  • A common denominator has been carrier updates and not just one carrier is involved. There has been Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint devices affected.
  • So far nothing like this has happened to other iPhone models such as the 4/4S, 5C, or 6.
  • At the repair shop we have attempted battery, screen, and charging port fixes and none of the repairs have been successful.

One of my customers last night who happened to be a Verizon salesperson came in and I asked her if she has noticed any problems with iPhone 5s and 5Ss and she said actually she had a customer come in that day with a bricked iPhone 5. She mentioned there have been other instances as well. Her store can’t explain why these phones are doing this either.

As more info comes available I will update this post, but in the meantime if you have witnessed any problems like this, let us know in the comments. Hopefully Apple will release a statement and recognize the problem. What I hate about this is that we can’t seem to find a fix. We can’t even get the phones in DFU mode or restore through iTunes. This is truly a mystery at this point.


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