My top 5 widgets to help personalize your device  

This is just my top 5 favorite widgets which I think will help you personalize your own device, and really make it your own.

#1 Today calendar widget by Underwood Apps LTD

For me the Today calendar widget is the best calendar widget out there by far. It is fast simple and clean. There aren’t too many settings for you to change on the app which makes it easy to use and quick to setup. You have a choice of the agenda widget which you can chose up to have events from one week ahead to one year ahead, or you can chose the monthly view. With both the monthly view and the agenda view you can chose how transparent the background of the widget is, in addition to this you can toggle the widget header on or off, you can toggle if you want to highlight all of the current days’ events, and you can chose to have smaller row which lets you see more calendar events etc… Overall I love this widget as it is my go to on all my devices, the simple light and dark theme and the transparency slider makes it perfect, as it fits all my themes and is clear with all types of wallpapers. (if you’re like me and change wallpapers like you change your underwear, you know how hard it is to have a good widget that fits the theme consistently).


#2 YAwidgets for Zooper Widget by YAdesigns

This is an interesting widget/widget pack because it is based off zooper widget which is in their own words “a minimal, classy, extremely customizable and battery friendly ‘Do It Yourself’ widget with almost limitless possibilities!” You can create your own widget, or download a widget which has already been made. There are various different styles in this ‘pack’ which I downloaded. If you haven’t noticed I quite like this app developers stuff as last week I featured his icon pack in my ‘My top 5 favorite icon packs of 2015’. The widget which I have chosen from this pack is a worded clock and date which I thinks looks clean and suits my wallpaper and layout well. It adds some class to my homescreen which I like.



#3 Simple RSS widget by MYCOLORSCREEN

I like this widget as it is a basic news RSS widget, this is because it’s small, not in your face all the time and it blends in to most setups which is cool because when you need it is there and when you don’t it doesn’t stand out. It has a few settings which you can change around like the transparency, and the sources of news which you prefer, you just search within the app and add it, and you can also delete or rearrange the most important one at the top over time.


screener_20150928(12-13-36)#4 Minimalistic text by Devmil

With the minimalistic text widget you configure everything in the app once you have selected the widget size you want, similar to Zooper Widget. There are 5 pre-sets which look really nice, my favorite is the barcode battery widget as it looks sleek, futuristic and matches most of my setups well as I have it right at the top or right at the bottom. There is a lot of customization with this widget as you swipe to the right, you can chose from the font, whether it is bold, italic, or underlined. You can choose the size of the text, whether it is lower or upper case, the color of the text etc..



#5 Chronus by DvTonder

Chronus is an app as well as a widget, and it has some very nice widgets with some material-ish look to the weather icons but it is mostly inspired by Android Jellybean where the hours were bold and the minutes were normal. I kind of like this look but it reminds me of Android Jellybean which I don’t really like. Another thing about this widget is I like how they have implemented Dashclock which is another widget into their own clock widget and redesigned it slightly. It gives the Dashclock a refreshed look as you can add extensions but you also have to install the Dashclock widget.What I don’t like about this widget is that you have to upgrade to the pro version of the app in order to put more than two extensions on. This is a little silly because you already have to have Dashclock install. So you might as well use the original Dashclock widget instead as you can have more than two extensions.


In conclusion, I like all of these widgets as I use them daily as I changed my setup. Currently I am using the YAwidget with the Today calendar widget on the rightmost home screen. I hope you enjoyed my little top 5 widget, and how you can bring simplistic style to you everyday Android setups. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below ⬇.


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