My top 5 favorite icon packs of 2015


#1 – CandyCons by Vukašin Andelković
Excellent Designs, by far one of my favorite icon packs ever, and it’s free! It has over 600 crispy, sharp and elegant icons with a hint of material design, which is pretty good as it is still in BETA. It gets updates quite often, around every couple of weeks. I like the style of these icons as they are similar to the stock Android icons but they are more stylish and helps to keep a consistent look. This is good because some stock app icons aren’t materialized; like Instagram, Snapchat, Amazon, WhatsApp etc. If you are a fan of material icons and a contemporary look for your Android device, you should definitely give this a go.



#2 – Polycons by TheArc Labs
While I am at it, here is another Android 5.0 Lollipop based theme. It is similar to the CandyCons icon pack but this icon pack is slightly different as it the icons are simplified and look modern, clean and elegant as they are flat and have a material touch to them. This icon pack also has around 600 icons and is free too. What I like about this icon pack is that it is a flat material design which is quite unique.



#3 – YAFI yet another flat icons by YAdesigns
Yet Another Flat Icons (YAFI) has over 1400 icons which are all 192 x 192 resolution, this means that they are all very high quality and you won’t see any pixelation. These icons are all unified as they are rounded squares and are crafted with a flat design and used hard-edged shadows to portray materialism. This is good as it helps to keep a consistent look to your setup as all of the icons are the same size plus it looks neat.



#4 – Gel icons by Fraom
Gel icon pack works with any theme, this is because it is it a circular grey and white icon pack. This icon pack has over 1000 icons to choose from and also has a build in search function which you rarely find these day in icons pack apps. It make it easier to find icons as you can just search for them, I think that this is a must have feature in all icon pack apps. I like how they can suit any theme as the background of the apps are slightly transparent so that background shines through a bit, and I love the consistency of the apps as they are all circular.



#5 – Glim by Maximillian Keppeler
This icon pack has over 1500 icons available at your fingertips, it consist of flat material icons which use the deep richer colors of the material color palette to deliver a beautifully simple icons. This icon pack stand outs because the difference between most flat material icons is they are quite bright with a mixture of pale colors which are common in the the material color palette. But Glim takes advantage of the deeper colors within the material palette.


Over all these are all good icons which you can use to theme your stock launcher or supported launcher through the individual applications. But I would have to say that my favorite icon at the moment and will be for a long time is the CandyCon icon pack. I feel as they suit the different styles of home screens I go for and the icons are just awesome!



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