The Samsung Galaxy S3

Here is it the last day of the 7 Day Series of Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S3. This has been a fun and informative review series that I have done. I have learned a lot about the phone and I hope that the reviews have been helpful to you as well. Throughout the seven day period I have found out what I do and do not like about the GS3.

In this review I will be providing a series of video, photos and recaps of what I have discovered about the GS3. This review will be an overview of the posts from the 7 Day Review Series. First up, the hardware.


The physical design is where Samsung nailed it. I was skeptical about some of the plastic parts but the phone prevailed. I was concerned that it would feel cheap, break easy or take away from the quality of the device. On the contrare, the GS3 has an amazing quality, look and feel of the device. The battery back door is flexible but you would have to pinch it with quite a bit of effort in order to break it. The 4.8″ screen is amazing. I love it. The home button is pretty useless with the current Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and the coming Jelly Bean update. With the current OS and the RAM/Processor, this phone blazes through apps, transitions and downloads. Very impressed with the fluidity of the phone. The best I have put my hands on thus far. As you can see the hardware department does not have many areas to complain about IMO.


Software…in a sense is a make or break aspect of any mobile device, especially in the smartphone world. ICS is a huge leap forward in comparison to previous releases. Jelly Bean will take the Android Platform to the next level to the lucky chosen devices. Latest in the rumor mill the GS3 will be getting Jelly Bean either August or September.

Because of the smooth OS and the related hardware specs, this phone runs great. Everything is fast about it. While boasting in the speeds of the device, it can be the bane of the phone’s camera. It is great to have zero shutter lag, but I would rather have a camera that takes more quality photos than the blurry photos I have taken. The ratio that I have noticed with the camera that it will take about 1 good photo out of 5 attempts. The camera was one of my biggest complaints about the phone. Coming from the awesome iPhone 4S Camera, the GS3 fell way short in the quality camera department. Fortunately, through some research and learning the camera on the GS3 I have figured out a few things that help capture quality photos. One is use the manual focus by touching on the screen of what you want the lens to focus in on. Lighting, lighting, lighting…if you want great pics, make sure you have nice lighting. The camera does not take good pics in low lighting, at all. If possible take pictures of still objects. The camera does not do well with moving objects.

On to the keyboard. Another fail for Sammy. I recommend using Jelly Bean, ICS or SwiftKey 3 for your keyboard. Nuff said about that…

As far as any other software issues the only ones that come to mind is that I have noticed the copy and paste feature is buggy. It worked fine for the first week, but now its crashing every time I try to use the feature. I have noticed quite a few users having the same issue in various forums. I reached out to Sammy Support about the issue and was told they will get back to me. I will keep you posted on any developments.

I have not covered every detail about the GS3, but highlighted some areas of concern and ones worth pointing out. Check out my 7 Day Review Series for more details in a variety of subjects on the phone. I have put together a review video for the last thoughts on the GS3 Review Series. Be sure to check it out too. I also posted some photo examples of great photos to not so great photos so you guys could see what I was referring to. Thanks for everyones support. Continue to follow the blog and help interact with each about your experiences, questions, concerns and observations with not only the GS3 but other devices you own or are interested in.

Part 1 & 2 YouTube Videos.

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