MiniSuit Tactic Hand Strap Wallet

The MiniSuit Tactic is an unique accessory made for many devices. It is a combination of a strap and wallet. For smaller devices like an iPhone or iPod it can act as a back skin protector. The strap is the main feature of the Tactic, which is made of a stretchable material fits most size hands. The wallet material is also stretchable giving you plenty of room for cards, keys and wallet sized valuables.


The installation is really simple. The back is adhesive, so all you have to do is peel off the film and apply the Tactic just like a sticker. Personally, I like to bend the Tactic slightly letting the middle touch first and then smooth out the surface from the middle going outward. That way there are no bubbles trapped and the Tactic installs flat and flush. Easy as that!


For this review I used an iPad mini and the strap works great with it. The Tactic adheres to the surface very secure. I even tried to get it to wiggle off by jerking it abruptly. Check out the video for the test.

The wallet is a really cool feature to me. It adds more functionality than just a standard universal strap. I can see the Tactic useful for the business person who uses an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone on the job in the field or even in the office. It is ideal for anyone who needs security for holding the device for long periods of time.

This strap would be a great accessory for the jogger/runner because the wallet can fit your ID and keys and the strap will stay in your hand even if your grip loosens a little. I doubt you would drop your device while jogging with Tactic. If you don’t like to use an armband and prefer to hold the device, this will compliment your needs.

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