Meet Team Bane Tech aka FAC2

Here is your chance to meet not only myself (Josh Bane/ Bane Tech) but also Team Bane Tech. You will meet…

  • Matthew Simpson – writer of the Metal Deep Series
  • Brian Barber – writer of the LYCCYX Series and other short stories
  • Aaron Salt – owner of Salt Digital Arts; Aaron created the Bane Tech logo
  • Josh Bane – Editor & Chief of
  • Alaska Vance – creative writer, screen plays and more

This is the first Google Hangout Event for the group called “FAC2.” Wondering what it stands for? Join us and find out.

This is an opportunity to meet the writers, creators and supporters of the eBook series “Metal Deep” and “LYCCYX.” You will also meet Aaron Salt of Salt Digital Arts. Josh Bane of Bane Tech. Our newest member Alaska who is a creative writer.

We will have giveaways, open forum question/answer and pretty much a time of just getting to know the crew. Most of all a fun way to hang out.

Join us for the first Google Hangout Event. Everyone is invited. 

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