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Media Top marketing agency willing to break the law

Media Top marketing agency is willing to break the law regarding asking publishers to not label a paid post as sponsored, ad, etc. Every week I am approached by marketing agencies asking if they can add a guest post that is paid to promote various companies.

Media Top

Media Top

Most of the time I am asked not to reveal that they are paid posts. In case you are wondering, it is illegal to leave a paid post unmarked as such. The way I choose to label a post as paid is a simple tag.

In a recent email exchange, I was asked by Media Top to not label the paid post as sponsored, etc. I mentioned that was illegal to do so and asked if they were actually OK with doing business illegally. The answer was yes.

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that operate this way. What is more disturbing is that their are bloggers and websites that do business with companies like Media Top.

Rest assured, Bane Tech will not work with companies like Media Top. I am very clear that the post will mark appropriately.

If you are content creator, please don’t do business with these types of companies. It’s not worth the small bucks.

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