Making the Most of Your Time

What did Jesus do? What was his outlook?

John 10:10
He came to give a better life.

How did Jesus live?

1. He lived passionately.
1 John 5:11-12
Satan likes to give counterfeit propositions. He wants you to wait.

Luke 7:31-32
Jesus said we played music for life and you wouldn’t dance.
Were you taught to keep quiet in church? Or raised as its ok to shout! Ever do something to keep someone else happy? Keep quiet for someone else? Shout to make yourself look good? Do you make fun or look down on someone else’s worship?
It doesn’t make you more holy yo shout or keep quiet.

Why are we waiting to live!

Ever say one day when___ I’ll sell out for the Lord. DON’T WAIT!

Live passionately. Leave it all out on the field. It’s not a pentecostal thing, non denominational thing.

Yesterday ended last night. Today is a new day.

The Annointing is the end of us and he takes over.

2. He loved completely.
Love people. If you had 30 Days to live you’d be calling up some people to make things right.
Matthew 22:37-39
Let God’s love live. Love never fails. Want success, let God love. Respond with God’s love.

3. He learned through obedience.
Philipians 2:5-8
Jesus learned through being obedient. Do what he has called you to do. God will change your character through obedience. Get it the word of God. Got to know the Word to walk out the Christ like life. It will change how we think.

Problems and suffering will change character. A minister said once that your preaching will stink without suffering. God wants to take you through the problem, not take you out. When you ask for patience, he will give an opportunity for patience. In suffering he will take you through it.

We want God to change our circumstances, he wants to change you.

Yes God wants to bless.

Proverbs 3:6
Success means the ability to make wise decisions.

Put God first. What does God have on his list. Put him first with giving.

Step out on faith. Things happen when you take that first step. The seas parted upon the first step.

4. Jesus left boldly.
Luke 9:51
Jesus had eternity in mind. We got to have a boldness about us.

Message by Pastor Stacy of Church at the Crossing

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