Nexus ‘Live Cases’ is finally a real thing

The long-rumoured ‘Google Workshop’ for ‘Custom Nexus Cases’ has gone live today. Almost two years ago, a Moto-Maker like service for creating custom cases for Nexus phones surfaced supposedly called “Google Workshop”. Today, Google has finally made the long-awaited custom case product official. You can now order a customized “Live Case,” which is similar to the cases which Google released last for the Skrillex exclusive Live case launch.


As you can see on the Google Store website, Google is selling two kinds of Live Cases for the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P. You can either create a case using a photo that you upload from your computer, or you can create a “Places Live Case” based on a location in Google Maps. Both of these can be customized using filters and effects from the Google ‘My Live Case’ website.

The online Live Case site allows a full-fledged customization that truly does resemble Moto Maker. After you upload your photo or choose the location you would like your case based on, there are several different styles and colors to pick from to truly make the case your own. You can also choose between a matte and a glossy finish, although the latter doesn’t appear to be available quite yet. Every case also comes with a live wallpaper to match the style you created.

You can get started with Live Cases over at the Google Store, and they’re going to run you a full $35 with free Saver shipping.

Source: Google Store.


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