Locket – Get Paid to Unlock Your Screen!

Signs of the times? No, not really. But companies are getting creative to find ways to advertise and make money, which in turn gives us the consumer more opportunities to make a few extra bucks. Locket is simple and easy to use. It places a new lockscreen on your Android device and gives you two options to either select the ad to by swiping left or by unlocking the screen by swiping right. You get paid to swipe regardless if you choose to interact with the ad. EASY $$$

Check out the video walkthrough to catch a glimpse of how the app works.

When you are ready to start earning some easy money click 

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Locket is an Android app that delivers ads on your lock screen and pays you just for unlocking your phone.

You’ll be making money for doing the same thing you already do a hundred times per day.

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