Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Lately I have felt like God is trying to tell me some things.

For example, love for others and loving people as He loves people. Much of my pride has been tested. Recently on December 18th, 2009 I was listening to Kris Valenons sermon about loving others. There were so many points and things to take note of. But not only take note of, but to take action in my own life. Many hard questions were asked. One of the questions was “Can you be pro-choice and God favor you?” my faith and pride was tested just with that one question. My instant reply was “no.” But as he explianed that God does favor people that for example are pro-choice. I agreed that God does indeed favor those like that. One passage read was Matthew 5:40- end of chapter. Also explained that when God sends the rain. It rains on not only the righteous but also the wicked. Jesus came not for the healthy but the sick and ones in need. He loves and supports all.

With that said. I am love and LIKE people. Can’t use the excuse that I will love a person. But doesn’t mean I will like them.

I can really find myself so judgemental and opinionated that I don’t love people as God loves people. Quite frankly sometimes I can make it seem as though people are an inconvenience to me.

No matter what people think or believe should not get in the way of me loving people. And not just the lame I love you man kind of love.

I’ve got to watch what I say and do. I need to treat others with love. But how do I do that when the love I know of seems so weak? How can I live the love that Jesus has?


I want to love others the way you do. Help each day to understand and live the love that you want me to live. Because I cannot live that love on my own. I need you God.

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-Dec. 21. 2009

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