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Over the Christmas Holiday week I was able to travel to North Carolina which presented some photo opportunities. Part of the trip my group took a short hike to what is called “Lookout Mountain.” The peak overlooked the Black Mountain landscape. It was a beautiful sight. Midway up the hike I was excited to capture a panoramic shot with my iPhone 5. This was the first time I was able to use a great opportunity to capture a great panoramic shot. Mountains make for a nice subject.

To use the panoramic option with an iDevice simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the camera app
  • Tap on the top icon labeled “Options.”
  • Tap “Panorama.”
  • Find the beginning point of where you want the shot to start.
  • Tap the camera capture button at the bottom.
  • Slowly move the iDevice until the desired stopping point or when the iDevice prompts you to stop.
  • Be sure to keep the arrow tip on the line as you move the iDevice.

That’s it! Pretty easy. But there are some tips that I recommend for taking a great panoramic shot.

  • Definitely make sure that you move slow. This way details are picked up with quality.
  • Make all objects are still. If any objects such as people are moving the image/object will look deformed. But it is rather humorous to see what those shots turn out to look like.
  • If there is an undesired part of the photo you can use the crop option in the photo editing options in the photo app.

Have you been able to take some cool panoramic shots with your smartphone? If so please share them submit@bane-tech.com. Here are a few example that I took. Notice the edges because that is where the arrow tip fell off track. Also some of the people look odd shaped because they might have been moving while the photo was being shot. I also used iPhoto’s editing for some cool looking filters to enhance the look a bit more.

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