iPhone 13 Must Have Accessories

iPhone 13 Must Have Accessories

iPhone 13 Must Have Accessories 

What’s up techies?! Josh here and I want to go over what I think are the must-have iPhone 13 accessories! 

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I’ve LOVED the MagSafe system Apple has created and the 3rd party accessories are great too! Many of the products I will mention in this video are MagSafe-related. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the factors that has sucked me deeper into the Apple eco! 

So in no particular order, here are my top recommendations for iPhone 13 accessories. 

MagSafe case – you gotta have a case that accepts the MagSafe. My favorite everyday case is the Nomad leather case. It’s AWESOME! I use the Nomad case every year, but this year it’s SO much better because of this one feature! They’ve built a digital business card in the case! I’ve used this digital business card all the time. I don’t like carrying around business cards on me and there are many times where I need a card to pass to someone, now all I have to do is tap the back of someone’s phone and bam! They not only have my contact info, but they also have any link I want to send them to. My website, social media sites, review links, and more. 

The case not only looks great, protects it, but it is also simply practical. I recommend this case HIGHLY! 

MagSafe Duo Charger – This is an item that I carry with me and definitely when I travel. It’s minimal, charges both the iPhone and Apple Watch, and is MagSafe. It’s pricey, but worth it to me. I’ve tried a couple of knock-offs, and they just feel cheap. 

Apple Watch – It’s the perfect companion for an iPhone. The new generation Apple Watch is responsive, larger screen, helps me manage notifications, health, and tons more features. 

MagSafe Wallet – this new Apple Wallet has a built-in tracker. If you take the wallet off or if it falls off, the Find My app will let you know where the location it was taken off. I do wish it had features like an AirTag, but nonetheless, it’s a cool feature. It limits you to 3 cards, but that’s ok with me because I only use my personal credit, business credit, and ID card. My business card is the Popl digital card.

If you need more card space, I have used this black one, and gets the job done. It can also act as a regular minimal wallet. 

AirTags – I place these on my backpacks, camera bags/boxes, keys, and luggage. I was able to track my bags when traveling by air and my wife definitely uses the AirTags to find her misplaced keys all the time 😉 Very useful and practical product. 

Popsockets! Something I have not really used before because I like to use wireless charging and in the past, the Popsocket would get in the way. NOW with a MagSafe Popsocket, I can simply remove the Popsocket and place it on a charger or mount when needed. 

There is also a MagSafe Popsocket Wallet. 

Anker MagGo Ring. If you like a ring grip, this is pretty great. I love the color choices too! 

MagSafe batteries – The Apple one interacts with the iPhone letting you know how much of a charge is left, etc. The others snap-on, but you don’t get the Apple features. Anker has a couple of options and their latest is definitely better than the previous model. I’m using the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the only battery that fully charges this iPhone from empty to full is the big brick. The others will give you enough to keep you going. The new Anker battery will also act as a kickstand. 

AirPods – I really like the AirPods Pro. They are good for everyday use, travel, and sound good to me. The spatial audio, noise-canceling, and transparency modes are super practical for many environments. 

Photography and videography – Check out a full video about a SmallRig camera cage that lets you attach lenses, handles, mics, lights, and more. The Moment has lenses to use with your phone’s camera that takes the images to another level. I love using the anamorphic lens to hunt lens flares and give a cinematic look. 

MagSafe Car Mount – I use this every day. It is the best car mount I have used. The heavy iPhone 13 Pro Max stays connected without any issues of falling off even if hitting a big bump. I’ve never had it fall off the mount. It’s also simple to place and pull off. I’m not a fan of vent mounts because I live in the hot south and I don’t want any air being blocked. This mount is perfect for my needs. 


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