iOS 6 Text Messaging Problems?

One of the issues users are running across are text messaging problem when upgrading to iOS 6. Fortunately there is an easy fix. Follow these simple steps to get those thumbs back to work.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Messages.
  • Send & Receive.  “You can be reached by iMessage at:”
  • Make sure there is only a check by your phone number and any email address that you want to be able to receive the message.

Other Troubleshooting Methods:

  • Make sure the “Do Not Disturb” feature is interfering with the iMessage.
  • Restore from a previous backup.
  • Make iMessage and SMS is turned on.
  • Settings > Messages what are ‘iMessage’ and ‘Send as SMS’ checked as?
  • Wipe the device and then restore from a backup.

If you have any questions about setting up your texting messaging for you iOS 6 device, please let us know.

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