Instant Heart Rate – Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio

Now that the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5  has a fingerprint has a fingerprint reader and heart rate monitor there is more of an interest to use your smartphone to keep track of your health stats. Unfortunately, not all of us can upgrade to these new devices or some simply do not want the devices that offer such scanners. That’s where apps like Instant Heart Rate comes into play.

This app is rather nifty because it uses the camera on the phone to scan your finger to read your heart rate. Bet you didn’t think your phone could that and yes there is an app for that! The app is easy to use and gives you options to log your info. It is best to sign up for an account and consider getting the paid version.


Upon testing the app out it wasn’t too hard to get going. I did discover it took a minute or so to read the pulse. Granted I used an iPad for the task. Using an iPhone or Android phone will bring optimal performance because the quality of the camera is better than the iPad used in the video demonstration. I used my Note 3 to test on the Android side of things and it worked flawlessly.

Head on over to the iTunes App Store to download the free version to give a test drive.

iTunes App Store or Google Play Store

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