How To Install Flash Custom ROM

Need to know how to install a custom ROM? The steps are pretty simple most of the time and for the most part the steps are the same for all devices; with the exception of button placement. For this guide, the Nexus 6P is the example to be used.

There’s a few prerequisites before you get started:

  • Must be rooted (click HERE for video guide)
  • Must have custom recovery
  • Must follow the developer’s instructions
  • Must have a good charge on the battery
  • Make a backup of your current ROM (stock or not)
  • Backup photos, contacts, etc.

Once you have the prerequisites down please take note of what kind of ROM you are installing. If the ROM is AOSP or CM based, you will need to download GAPPS. If using a stock ROM, for example, TouchWiz or Sense based, you will not need to download GAPPS. Again, follow the developer’s instructions because for phones like the Nexus 6P you need to download the vender image along with the ROM and GAPPS for CM based ROMs like Pure Nexus and Dirty Unicorns.

Custom ROM

Steps To Install a Custom ROM:

  • Download ROM, GAPPS, and other applicable files like the vender image if needed.
  • Place the files on the root of your memory on the device.
  • Reboot into recovery (TWRP)
  • Make a back up
  • Install ROM first.
    • Select Install
    • Select files location
    • Select ROM
  • Select Add Files
    • Select GAPPS
  • Select Add Files
    • Select any other files needed such as vender image
  • Swipe to Install
  • Wipe cache/dalvik
  • Reboot device
  • Let the device reboot and let it sit for about 5 minutes
  • Begin to setup your device as normal (logging into you accounts, etc.)

As mentioned above, these steps are primarily used with the Nexus 6P and installing a CM based ROM. For stock based, skip the GAPPS steps, as you will not need to install those files. Again, follow the developer’s instructions. Once you get used to installing ROMs like this, it becomes second nature, but again each ROM will have it’s own instructions. So be careful to not to treat all ROMs the same. Typically these steps are the same for most ROMs.

For more help watch the video guide as I walk you through how to get Dirty Unicorns ROM installed on the Nexus 6P.

What ROMs are you interested in installing? Check out the ROM Series video playlist for more videos about custom ROMs.


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