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I’m OK if the Pixel 4 has no fingerprint reader, if…

Google recently released a teaser video showing off features the upcoming Pixel 4. The two features we notice from the video below includes facial recognition and gestures. What we can also pick up is what the phone does not have. A fingerprint reader and I’m OK with that if the Pixel 4 can perform better than the iPhone’s FaceID.

Google Pixel 4 | (Don’t) hold the phone: new features coming to Pixel 4

No Fingerprint Reader with the Pixel 4?

All this is speculation at this point, but the odds of no fingerprint reader is likely from the leaks and news we have been able to see so far. Personally, I do like a fingerprint reader. It’s usually a solid performing feature to unlock a device. I’ve been using the Galaxy S10+ as my daily driver since it was launched and it’s been overall a good performer. I like readers like what the Pixel 3 offer’s on the back more though.

Pixel 4

I’ve also used the iPhone X/Xs Max for some extended periods of time and FaceID works pretty great. However, in the cases where it cannot see my face, I would have to input a passcode. In those cases, the passcode screen comes up a few seconds later, which always seems like an eternity. If the Pixel 4 can create the passcode screen to come on automatically vs seconds later, the experience will be so much better.

Also, the angles to which a face is detected needs to outperform the iPhone. In promo videos, Apple has people using FaceID at an exaggerated angle that actually does not work like that in real life. From the video Google put out, the person is directly in front of the phone, so we have to see more if someone’s face can be detected at a greater angle. It is pretty cool to see that you don’t have to even touch the phone to unlock and operate the phone.

By profession, I am at a desk a lot and I like to use the Pixel Stand for my charger, and it allows me to see the screen at an upright position. If everything works out, it would be pretty nice to be able to look at the phone, unlock it, and operate it from the Pixel Stand.

What are your thoughts about potentially not having a fingerprint reader on the Pixel 4?


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