Hubsan X4 Camera Plus H107C+ 2.4G RC Quadcopter with 720P Camera RTF

This is a fun quadcopter. I had wished there were more instructions for beginners but I eventually figured it out. It charges super quick. So, after opening it up, I was able to have fun with it fairly quickly. It does take 3 AAA batteries that are not included. It comes with four extra propellers. It also cam with an extra battery for the drone. It is made pretty durable. I had done many tests and did a lot of mishaps before I finally had it flying correctly. It is so fun to fly. You can do some cool tricks with it. I like the colors.


This little powerful thing has so many features. It does flips and rolls. It is fun to fly in the dark. It has a HD camera and you can put in a SD card to save it.

You can change the settings to regular or expert mode. I would suggest starting out on the regular mode. It comes pre-set for that. You can have hours and hours of fun. After you really get used to flying it, it is fun doing tricks. I absolutely love it.

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