HTC One M8 data connectivity 3G 4G handoff problems? Try this

Have you been experiencing problems with your HTC One M8’s data connection? Has it been dropping in and out of connectivity or handoffs between 3G and 4G giving you fits? Well, I had a similar problem. I’m not possitive what caused the issue except it happened around the time I loaded the Google Play Edition ROM on the M8 and the data just started acting weird. Odd thing was that nobody else in the forums were having the same problem.

I reached out to well versed Android guys who know how to troubleshoot difficult issues. I still came up short. I was utterly confused about what the problem was. I even tried some methods of dialing certain numbers, but the HTC dialer wouldn’t allow such numbers to be dialed. However, I was able to via an AOSP ROM. But still didn’t work. I usually try to troubleshoot before reaching out to Verizon or any other customer service, well, because at times (a lot of the times) I know more about devices than even the reps themselves. But it got to the point where this problem was out of my hands and I came to the conclusion I have done everything I could, it didn’t cause the problem and only a Verizon rep could help at this point. The last resort was to contact HTC and see what they could do.

I spent about an hour on the phone with a Verizon rep and he tried everything in his toolbox, but then I remembered reading in some forums that for some reason they had their SIM cards going to crap on the M8s. SO I made the suggestion to my rep that I had a spare SIM card and asked if I could get it activated on my M8. He somewhat reluctantly did so by suggesting to go in a store and get a new free SIM card, but I didn’t want to wait another day (it was already past business hours) and make a stop in a store only to go through more useless troubleshooting. Alas, the rep took my advice and we got the spare SIM card activated and the data was restored. No more stuck on the dreadful slow 3G connection. I had my 4G LTE fired back up. I haven’t had a problem since then.


Get a new SIM card. For some odd reason the M8 likes to screw with some people’s SIM cards.

I hope this post finds helpful to you and this is the fix for your problems. If this fix doesn’t work for your M8, please comment below of the problem or any other helpful info that could help steer someone in the right direction.

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