How to use Google’s Two-Step Authentication

If you’re looking for a way to secure your Google account in more ways than one, then you have come to the right place. The Google Two-Step Authentication app makes this service quick and easy to set-up. You will be able to receive a voice call, or text messages with a unique code, or you can log-in and then switch to the app by following the instructions.


When you first open the app you will be greeted with the a little welcome screen telling you the process, then at the bottom of the app click the ‘Begin Setup’.



You will then be shown the ‘Add an account‘ section, which you then tap on your email address and it will tell you to type in this web address into your computer –> .



After you have signed-in you can then ‘Switch to the app’ which will take you through the setup of adding you mobile. phone.



After this you either use the barcode scanner which is build into the app, or if you can’t scan this then you use the unique code found on the website. Once you have done this it will ask you to sign-in in to your phone again for some of the apps which require your Google account access. You can then setup trusted devices which means that you laptop or computer or Chromebook doesn’t need the two-step authentication.

you’re all setup! It means that when you sign in on another computer, for example work or school then you will use this to make sure that you account is more secure and you will be given a new code each time you login.



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