How to unbrick and restore Galaxy S6

Hopefully you are visiting this guide because you need to get rid of root or simply want an out of the box state for your Galaxy S6. But at times we make mistakes or our device decides to get a mind of it’s own and goes on strike all bricked out. This tutorial will walk you through how to restore or unbrick a Galaxy S6.

To get started you will need to make sure you have backed up files, photos, media, and/or contacts. I highly suggest syncing your data with Google apps because the info is cross-platform between iOS, Android, and other operating systems. For photos you can never go wrong with making a folder on your computer. However, if you are bricked you are up the creek.

Lets get started! For you visual learners I have made a video to help walk you through the process that can be viewed a little further down this post. For everyone else follow these steps.

  • Download Odin
  • Download the TAR file (aka stock rom). Mind this is the Verizon TAR. Make sure you grab the correct TAR for your specific device. Grab those files here
  • Load Samsung Mobile Drivers. This can be done by simply connecting the phone to the computer or by visiting this link
  • Connect Phone while in download mode (Hold Power, Home and Volume down to get there)
  • Unzip Odin to desktop
  • Unzip Odin Tar from post #1 to desktop
  • Open Odin
  • Select AP and load Odin Tar
  • Wait a few seconds (depending on PC Speed)
  • Hit Start then wait until its done.
  • Do NOT touch the phone while this is in process!
  • When completed phone will reboot to recovery, do some “stuff” then boot up fresh like out of the box new

You now have a restored and unbricked Galaxy S6! This is not too tough of a process and doesn’t take too long to accomplish depending on your computer’s speed. This process worked great and I ran into no issues at all. You may notice the “Custom Lock” logo upon the boot animation screen the first time when the S6 is rebooting, but rest assured the next time you restart the phone it will not have that logo present. With that said make sure you reboot the device one more time after doing this process before you return the phone to the store 😉

Let me know in the comments if you have may have or any additional helpful information that could be proven useful to others.


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Source | XDA

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