How to install tempered glass screen protector Galaxy S6 – DBA Just Like Glass Nano-t review

Installing a screen protector can be one of the most frustrating tasks when trying to make sure that your phone is protected. DBA Cases has a great product setup for customers who need as much help installing the tempered glass screen protector on their new device. Specifically we are using a Samsung Galaxy S6 as our model for installing the Nano-t tempered glass screen protector. In this guide and review will contain some tips and tricks to let you gain the best experience possible for installation and use.

The Galaxy S6 was just released and if you are like me, I like to have my devices protected. Whether it’s because you’re clumsy, have kids, or your job conditions; there are plenty of benefits to having a tempered glass screen protector on your phone. I have had experience in phone repairs and have seen many customers come back to the shop testifying there tempered glass saved their screen. An iPhone 6 Plus screen repair alone is about a $400 fix. Therefore, investing $20-$40 is well worth it to protect your tech.


DBA Cases offers a great solution with the Nano-t tempered glass screen protector. The S6 version is not the first tempered glass I have used and each time I have been pleased with the product. For one, DBA gives the customer everything you need in the installation kit. The kit includes an alcohol wipe, big screen sticker for removing dust, extra smaller dust stickers, microfiber cloth, card, and of course the Nano-t. The alcohol wipe is a must have because it is the best way to clean the screen. I dock many points off if a company does not include that wipe. The other pieces are an extra bonus.

One of my favorite features of the Nano-t is the smooth, fingerprint resistant, feel and touch. It is amazing. It literally feels just like glass…all the time. The fingerprint resistance is strong with this one! My screen looks great all the time and I love that! I can’t stand to have to wipe of a screen constantly because of smears. If any kind of residue is existent, it is very easy to clean. Matter of fact water will just bead off like the back of a duck. The Nano-t is also scratch resistant, if not proof. It takes a lot of effort to scratch this thing up.

This is one tempered glass you can’t go wrong with. It’s worth the investment and I am confident that you will love it. Quite honestly the Nano-t has spoiled me with how well it’s made. Safe to say it’s the best option out there.

Installation Guide:

Now that you know how I feel about the Nano-t, let’s get into how to get this thing put on! Note that how I install the Nano-t is an universal method that works with other tempered glass screen protectors.

The basics of the installation goes as normal. My recommendations are to turn of the A/C, fans and anything that can contribute to dust flying around. Then make sure your hands are clean and layout the items with in the box to be fully prepared to install the screen protector. DBA included the Nano, bubble pick/card, VERY high quality microfiber cloth, and dust removal tape. Everything you need for a successful install.

Once ready stand directly over the phone and screen protector, remove the first layer and gently guide the Nano in place. Use your finger tips to adjust the placement, once you feel confident the alignment is perfect (take your time and be efficient) use your index finger to push down the center, let the protector do its thing and then work out any remaining bubbles. You can use the card provided, but I was able to work out the bubble with just my finger. Once all the bubbles are out, remove the second film and inspect the Nano for any leftover bubbles. That’s it. If you need help refer to the video below.


Right now you can get the Nano-t for a discounted price of $19 over at Groupon by clicking here.


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