How To Gain Access To iPhone 5/5s/5c SIM Card.

This is a guide to demonstrate how to gain access to the iPhone 5’s SIM Card. If anyone is like me, I like to activate my devices via online. In order to accomplish that task one must be able to get to the SIM Card that is preinstalled in the iPhone. iPhones used to come with a removal tool but does not include the tool anymore.

Here is how to remove the SIM Card:

  • Use a paper clip/safety pin.
  • Gently but firmly press in the hole until the tray pops open.
  • Once the tray pops open be careful not to let the SIM Card fall out.
  • To put the SIM Card back in the tray, line up the SIM Card with the corners and then slide the tray back in.
  • Press the tray back in until it snaps back in place.
  • Make sure the tray is flush with the edge.

*I am notĀ responsibleĀ for any damage done to your device. The task should be rather simple, but you do so at your own risk.*

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