How to access and remove SIM card on the HTC One M8

Each device has their own placement for where the micro SIM card is located. Some are hidden, easy and to get to and others are a little more tricky. The HTC One M8 unfortunately is on the tricky side of things. But once you figure it out there is nothing to it. Follow this guide and watch the video to learn how to access/remove SIM card HTC One M8.

  • Use the little tool that came in the box of the M8
  • The slot is located on the left hand side of the device
  • Insert the pin into the pin hole and apply some pressure
  • The tray should pop out
  • Remove the tray and the SIM card will lay on top of the tray like a puzzle piece
  • To install the micro sd card simply slide the tray back in the slot and make the tray is flush with the side of the device


sim card htc 1m8

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