Hollyland Mars 400S

Hollyland MARS 400S SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System Unboxing and First Test [video]

Hollyland MARS 400S SDI/HDMI wireless video transmission system unboxing and first test. In this video, I go cover the unboxing, setup, short test, and why I invested in this wireless video transmission system.

Why I Bought The Hollyland MARS 400S

Long story short, I wanted to increase my ability to not needing my cameras located in one spot. With this system, I can operate a camera from a good distance. Projects I will be using this system will be for graduations, weddings, and events. The more I use this system, the more I will report on the experience. Hollyland Mars 400S

Is there anything you would like to know about my experiences with the Hollyland MARS 400S?

First Impressions

Upon opening and tinkering with the MARS 400S, it was super easy to setup. I used my Sony FS5 Mark II for the camera to link up with Ecamm and everything went well. Simply plug in, turn on, and everything synced up. There seems to be a slight delay, but I can adjust the audio and video syncing in Ecamm.

Other than the slight delay, everything looks great. I can’t wait to use this some more in the field. Hollyland Mars 400S

Highlights and Specs

OLED Display Screen
Check out all device status and control the system with displayed information on the screen.

iQS & Android APP Monitoring

Support up to 4 APP connections while the transmitter is connected to 1 or none receivers.

Channel Scan
Scan current environment on the receiver to find out available channels and avoid the channels with interference.

Three Application Scene Modes
Prioritize your video shooting over video quality or low latency or the balance between the both when there is interference.

• Image Mode
• Balance Mode
• Speed Mode

HDMI+SDI Interfaces
Provide HDMI and SDI devices connection options.

Low-Battery Warning Indicator
Keep you informed 30 minutes in advance before the battery dies.

Industrial Metal Case
Equipped with stable, reliable and durable metal case that avoids light external damages and easily cools the system down.

Specs from Adorama.

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