UAG rugged case

Google Pixel case review: UAG rugged case

UAG has always been a favorite case to use for many reasons. It’s one of the best protective cases, looks tough, and functions well. There’s nothing new to this case for the Google Pixel XL, but that’s not a bad thing. Basically, UAG is one of those cases where you don’t fix it if it’s not broken. So why does this case still hold up? Keep reading why.

UAG rugged case

Long story short, UAG has made another great case and this time for the Pixel/XL. At first they weren’t too sure if they were going to support the Pixel line, but recently decided to make the case for Google’s new flagship. Personally, I am glad to see they chose to make the case for the Pixel. It’s one of my top cases and will recommend to anyone looking for a case for their phone.

UAG rugged case

UAG rugged case features

  • Rugged protection.
  • Light weight.
  • Full edge protection.
  • Tactile button covers.
  • Generous cutouts for ports, fingerprint sensor, and camera areas. These features are just the right size.
  • Great grip.
  • Pocketable.
  • Not too bulky.

As you can see from the list above, this case is perfect for anyone who wants rugged protection without losing out on functions. It’s a case you can’t go wrong with.

As I am writing out this review, I am trying to figure out anything that I would change about the case or any flaws, but I am happy to report there really isn’t anything. Well, at the moment. As more use gets put to the case I expect some light scratches to appear. This is referring to past experience with other UAG cases. It would also be nice to have more color options. But the case itself is amazing and worth checking out.

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