Google Maps iOS 6 Alternative.

When iOS 6 was released the Google Maps App was given the ax. Many users were looking forward to a full blown navigation app made by Google. Android users have had the app since the OG Droid and have rubbed it in the face of iPhone users for a few years now. “Droid Does.” With the new iOS 6 update Apple users were hoping to at least even the playing field. As did Apple themselves. Apple has promoted the new Maps app as innovating and top notch…Unfortunately, Apple dropped the ball. Users have complained about many bugs in the system such as leading to opposite ends of town, destinations in the middle of bodies of water and towns completely left out. Kind of embarrassing…

Apple left the Goggle contract early and Google released a statement that they will not make a sperate app for the iOS users. While this info is disappointing, it was inevitable. While the two companies sort out their differences the users are left in the cold, kinda…

Even though Google did not make a Maps app with navigation and Apple’s premature release of a so called navigation app…this does not change much from the past iOS releases. If an iDevice user wanted navigation, he/she would simply use an alternative app such as Waze or Mapquest. Some users liked the Google Maps app for various reasons. Here is a guide for the users that want to have Google Maps as an option.

  • Open your browser (preferably Safari for this demonstration).
  • Go to or from use the Maps tab near the top.
  • Tap the Menu key near the top left and select “Add to Home Screen.”
  • At that point you have what is called a “Web App.”
  • Within the Google Maps Web App you can get driving directions, local search and use My Places options.

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