GOiGAME Wired Double Color Controller for PS3 from HandGiftBox.com

Even though the PS4 has hit the market now, the PS3 is still a quality gaming system (or at least a good Blu-Ray player). There are tons of great deals on Ps3 systems and games. This time of year many retailers put together bundles for the holidays, but usually only one controller comes in the mix. That’s where deals like I am about to share with you comes in so handy.

Introducing, theĀ GOiGAME Wired Double Color Controller for PS3 from HandGiftBox.com. This controller is one of many deals found at their website. This controller only goes for about $13! A brand-new on sale Sony PS3 controller sells for about $40 average. So you can save money on a controller and get that other game on the wish list.

The GOiGAME controller is very similar to Sony’s official controller. Pretty much the only difference are the logos and icons. This is a wired set (my package did not include a wire) and connects without an issue to the PS3. I tried to see if the controller would work on the PS4, but no joy.

Side-by-side it is hard to tell any difference other than the logos. The buttons and feel of the controllers work well and I found no hindrance of performance.

If you like this controller you can get it HERE

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