Give Life

Luke 10:8
We like to get from the Lord and receive blessing. But we got to get to give what we get. Don’t just talk about it. Freely receive and freely give.

Luke 10:25-32
Life on the other side is just EASIER. Often we live without enough margirin that we don’t have enough to give.

Life on the other side is SAFER. Let’s just walk on by. Let’s not get too close. We have the opportunity to help someone. How many times was there a crime taking place and there are bystanders.

Life on the other side is COMFORTABLE . We’ve been conditioned to let someone else to take care of the problem. To ignore.

Life on the other side is UNDER CONTROL. Everyone has a story. Look at someone in the eye and reach out to there needs. Nothing better than going and experiencing ministry to others. Rather than just hearing about it. When you look at someone in the eye you have a decision to have compassion or not.

Verse 33.

It’s a whole lot easier to say it than to live it. The Samaritan went to the one in need and went the extra mile.
Life on the other side is boring, lifeless meaningless. We got to fill our lives to be able to give what we get. I want a word from God for someone.

How do we give life?
1. Speak it.
John 8:10-11. When Jesus spoke. He spoke mercy first. Jesus didn’t go to the sinner and start a campaign against them. He actually rebukes Satan and the religious. We got to look at the person and speak into them. Give life. They know what they are doing wrong. They don’t need someone to do that for them. Don’t tell at em and then say I love you. There’s a reason why the world was attracted to Jesus.
Jesus always responded in love.

2. Get your hands dirty.
Church should be messy. Babies are messy. We shouldn’t be afraid of drama. It’s gonna happen. But that’s what the church is for. We don’t tell our babies to change their own diaper.
If we don’t have love its just a bunch of noise.
You got to get your hands dirty to get to the good stuff.
James 1:27
God has called the church to bring peace to the caos in the world.
Forget what you give. Always remember what you get.

3. Tangable giving.
The Samaritan bought a hotel room. Gave needs. Find a need and fill it. Give without expecting a return.
Revival can break out from act of giving. It could be as small as a rice bowl. Everyone you got. It’s not equal giving. It’s equal sacrifice.

4. Quality Time.
Samaritan didn’t just pat him on the back and wish good luck. He followed up with him.

Message by Pastor Stacey

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