Get the App that Keeps You Running | Dunkin’ Donuts

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Get the App that Keeps You Running | Dunkin’ Donuts.

I grew up on Dunkin Donuts when I lived in New England and now living in the south DD is expanding. I was super excited when DD found its way in my town. With my love for DD and my passion for mobile tech, this was a WIN WIN for me. Dunkin plus a mobile app, c’mon…can it get any better than that? YES! Now you can load up a Dunkin Card and pay with your phone. How cool is that?

The first benefit that came to mind was this option is a great way to budget your coffee/donuts expenses. For example, load up a card with $15 for one week, once the $15 runs out, you are out of money for the budget.

Other app features: Mobile Payments, Find a Dunkkin’, See What’s New and Share a Dunkin’.

What are some other benitis that you notice? Let us know!



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