Friend Spotlight: Matthew Simpson aka GXKnight

friend spotlight GXKnight

If you have followed this site for a while now Matthew Simpson’s name should sound a bit familiar or you might be more familiar with his alter ego as GXKnight. If not, well let me tell ya. Matt is an indie eBook author of the Metal Deep series. The series has hit top of the charts in categories like Sci-Fi. I’ve read all the episodes and have thoroughly enjoyed reading each one.

In a nutshell, the series is about a Cyborg and his quest to find who he is and learns of a world unseen in the world he was already living in. There is action, love, mystery and gadgets (can you guess where he gets his gadgets?). This is a series I think anyone can enjoy and not too mention the inexpensive price of a buck per episode! GXKnight offers his episodes for free from time to time, so be sure follow his social networks to keep up with his updates on new episodes and free copies.

You can find all his work over on Amazon! Click the image below to check em out for yourself.

metal deep episodes

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