Fake Reviews From PRN

Fake reviews from PRN in regards to Amazon reviews. PRN aka Product Review Network is an organization who works with Amazon sellers to connect with reviewers to review their products. I’ve been part of the network for a little while. Not too sure of what products I have reviewed from them. Most of the offers are of no interest to me. Regardless of what products I’ve reviewed, a couple days ago I received a concerning email.

Before I get to what PRN sent, I want to establish that I always provide an honest review regardless of how it’s provided. My promise to you is to bring a real user review from the perspective of the every day user. I never want to lead someone the wrong way. Integrity and honesty are way too important. So that’s why I am disturbed when I get messages like below. It’s a shame that people are willing to leave fake reviews, ask for fake reviews, or manipulate reviewers.

Put it this way, I am more than willing to work with a company if I end up getting a defective product. I’ll ask for another product to determine if the product is defective or not. However, if the product simply is not good or junk, it’s gonna get a true review.

All that said, read for yourself about what PRN is asking reviewers to do. The message is copied and pasted, but I am providing a screenshot from my Galaxy S7 Edge as well.

Fake Reviews Message From PRN

Hello PRN Reviewers,


Due to a bit of misunderstanding about the review process, we have decided to take a moment to further educate you on exactly what differentiates a “good review” from a “bad review”.

GOOD REVIEW: Any review of 4 stars or more. This review helps to support a product’s ranking and image on Amazon.

BAD REVIEW: Any review of 3 stars or less. This review severely and negatively affects a products ranking and image on Amazon.

In an effort to support the positive image and ranking of their new products on Amazon, our clients have chosen to work with the amazing team of reviewers here at the Product Review Network (you!), so it is of the utmost importance that we keep that in mind when posting reviews.

These companies have spent lots of time and lots of money on the products that they choose to share with you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE; it is imperative that the reviews posted by PRN members support a successful product launch.

NOTE 1: If you receive a product and feel inclined to give it a bad review for any reason, we respectfully request that you CONTACT US REGARDING THE ISSUE rather than posting a bad review. In a case like this, we will most likely ask you to simply refrain from posting a review (so as not to harm our client’s young product listing). A bad review can be devastating; contacting us rather than posting a bad review allows us to help the client improve their product in a way that does not damage the product or their reputation.

NOTE 2: If you have posted “bad reviews” (3 stars or less) for products received through the Product Review Network in the past, we respectfully request that you go back and reconsider those review(s) based on the content of this email.

To reiterate: our clients have entrusted you with the end result of much hard work and great expense. If, FOR ANY REASON, you are disappointed with the product you have received free of charge, PLEASE CONTACT US rather than posting a bad review. If you have ANY questions, please contact me directly by replying to this email.

Thank you!
Susan G

Final Thoughts

My intention is not to blast PRN, but to let you the customer know about what’s going on behind the scenes. NEVER should a company ask a reviewer to not post an honest review. I don’t care what the ranking is, the true review must be posted. As mentioned before, it’s OK to work with a company if there is an issue with the product. But don’t ask me not to post it if its 3 stars or less. For the record, I normally always contact the company if there’s an issue even it’s not defective. My goal isn’t to screw a company over. Companies need to provide quality products to get high ratings. Simple as that.

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Fake Reviews


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