Evolution of the Screen.

Along with the release of the iPhone 5, numerous screen protector companies released new screen protector technology. Amzer and invisibleSHIELD introduced their new screen protectors. Both claim to be shatter proof. Each company have videos demonstrating the durability of their innovative products. While I am extatic about such improvement in the screen protector industry, I am left with a question…

Why can’t the phone manufactoreres create devices that already have shatter proof technology installed. The RAZR has gotten on the right path with the Kevlar, Gorilla Glass and liquid resistant features. Not to mention the brother device RAZR MAXX with the outstanding battery life. But shatter proof would take the device to a whole new level.

Companies put a lot of effort into the design of the device. The look. The feel. The ergonomics. Some of the devices that look and feel great is the iPhone, Galaxy S3 and RAZR. I would love to own a device that did not need any extra protection.  At times cases can take away from the experience of the device. There are some great docks, car mounts and desk mounts would flawlessly with the device, but unfortunately they are not compatible with a case installed, leaving you with removing the accessory each time of use or not using the mount/dock at all.

Hopefully in the near future device manufacturers will begin to put the same technology in the design, just as the screen protector companies have done with their products. While I am thankful for companies such as Zagg and Amzer for making these new screen protectors, I would like to at some point not need the extra protection.

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