emergency tech accessories

Last minute tech accessories to get for emergency preparations

Stating the obvious, hurricane season is in full swing. Hurricane Harvey rocked Texas and Irma is creeping up the west coast of Florida. Irma has been somewhat unpredictable of where it will hit. At first it looked like it was going to travel up the east coast of Florida. Many people have fled or even stood their ground, but many on the west coast of Florida were not expecting to be the target.

One of the obstacles of fleeing from the storm includes heavy traffic and stores running out of products. Most products getting snagged up are essentials such as food, water, and gas. However, something items that might suit you well to buy would be tech accessories to keep you connected during the storm. Along with protecting your belongings. The products in this post are great to have if you are riding out the storm or riding in a car heading away from the storm.

emergency tech accessories

Portable Batteries

The first thing that comes to mind are portable batteries. If the power goes out or if you are mobile, portable batteries keep your tech juiced up. Anker is one of my favorite trusted brands. The company now has stock at Walmart, not just on Amazon.

Link – Anker Batteries

Jump Starters

Car jump starters is another essential piece of tech to consider and should always have in your vehicle ready to use if the need arises.

Link – Jump Starters


Waterproofing materials. Electronics and water usually don’t mix well. Many of the latest smartphones are water resistant. Such as the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7/S8, and a few others. If your device is not waterproof you will want to pick up LifeProof cases or waterproof bags/pouches.

Link – LifeProof – Bags/Pouches

Coolers are great ways to waterproof your tech as well. Most of them are sealed tightly and able to fit laptops, cameras, game consoles, etc.

Link – Coolers


Dashcam cameras are VERY useful for your vehicle to capture crisis moments such as a car accident and as evidence for insurance or law enforcement. Get one! I promise it will come in handy if something crazy happens.

Link – Dashcams

Online Backups

The last idea is to take photos and video clips of your belongings. By doing so, it shows proof of what you have and can be useful for insurance purposes. With that said, it is time to backup your important files, photos, and videos in a cloud service. There are many free cloud services to use. Personally, I like to use Google Photos for photos and videos. Google Photos is free and has unlimited storage. As far as documents, Google Drive is a great option. If you have a gmail account you already have these services available to you. Sign on from your computer, phone, or tablet – connect to WiFi and begin to upload. If you need help getting these setup feel free to send me a message.

If your devices are damaged, you can rest assured that your data is safe online and can be accessed later.

Link – Google Photos (Available for iOS, Android, desktop) – Google Drive


Hopefully these ideas will help you prepare for emergency situations concerning protecting your tech. All these items are available at Walmart. Usually I would link to Amazon, but being that shipping could/would not arrive in time of a situation like Hurricane Irma, you can add these items to your cart and pick up free in store.

If you have other suggestions to help prepare for emergencies, please leave a comment below.

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