elago Stylus Allure Stand

elago adds a new stylus to their lineup. Introducing the Stylus Allure Stand. Over at elagostore.com and their Amazon store they have a good selection of styluses and has something for everyone’s stylus needs. The Stylus Allure Stand is a brand new design and what makes it stand out is, well, the stand.

Just looking at the stylus in the package I knew I was getting a quality accessory. This is one the times you can judge a book by it’s cover. I was anxious to get the package opened up and give the stylus a test ride. As I was preparing to take a look at the stylus and gather my thoughts on how to describe this to you, ideas were flowing about how this could be useful. But lets talk about the build before we get to that.


The Stylus Allure Stand is made from a durable, slim and sleek aluminum. It is made to be tough, functional and stylish. In the hand the stylus is lightweight but it does not by any means feel cheap or breakable. The cap has an elagant elago logo places on the side. The tip is made to be accurate and sensitive. Replaceable tips are available for the Stylus Allure Stand. The pen is a fine point ballpoint black ink. The stylus itself feels great in the hand, it is smooth but not slippery.

The stand is one of my favorite aspects of this package. The bottom is made of a material that sticks to surfaces without being sticky. It is not adhesive, but has great grip when places on a flat smooth surface like a desk. The top of the cap and middle of the stand has a magnetic piece, which allows you to place the stylus in the cap like a stand. What’s great about the removable stand is that if you need the stand to be placed in a different spot, you have the option to do so.


So what is the practical use of a stylus? I think there are tons of purposes to use a stylus. The first thing that comes to mind is during the winter many people use gloves and not all gloves have a stylus finger tip, not to mention that many stylus gloves are only thin and not very warm. So with a stylus pen you can wear your thick warm gloves and still be able to use your device.

I imagined a business person getting a lot of use out of the Stylus Allure Stand. I pictured the stand placed on a desktop near a tablet and laptop. I see a paper leger nearby for quick note taking. As the business person is taking calls or coming up with a business deal, he or she is bouncing back and forth between using an iPad and sending an email on the laptop.


When a customer comes in the office the business person shows off a new design on the iPad allowing the customer to use the stylus to browse around the graphics. When the customer is ready to make the deal he or she can simply use the stylus’ pen to sign the dotted line.

The last example is the ability to draw with the stylus. The tip is made to sensitive and accurate to the touch. I consider myself an artist, not the best, but there is some talent within me. So I was anxious to test out the drawing abilities of the stylus on the AutoDesk Sketch Pad app on the iPad. Overall, the drawing came out looking neat and the stylus performed well.


For smartphone use I really see that advantage with Android devices over an iPhone. Mainly because of the keyboard options. Android devices have the ability to download various keyboards such as Swype or SwiftKey. Personally, I am partial to SwiftKey which has a Swype style typing option. The swipe typing style works great with a stylus.

There are plenty more examples to give for the practical use of a styles. What makes the Stylus Allure Stand unique is the sophisticated durable design with functionality in mind. Every piece has a purpose and will accomodate the user for whatever the need might be. I love the little stand and feel of the stylus in the hand. If you are in the market for a stylus I would recommend giving this a try.

If you like the elago Stylus Allure Stand, pick one up HERE.

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