elago Aluminum Pad

Elago has a great line up for all your device accessory needs. I love the fact that they offer a nice. sleek and professional selection of accessories for many electronics such as smartphones, tablets and computers. They give you the opportunity to match all your accessories together.

One of the top computer accessories in stock is the Aluminum Pad. This is a solid aluminum mouse pad that is obviously durable because of the material. The pad is designed to work with optical mouses, Apple’s Magic Mouse and the Mighty Mouse.


The sleek design is made to match and compliment many devices like the MacBook Pro. In all honesty, I think this pad will look great with most if not all computers. Not too mention it will look great with most desktops and tables. Another great feature elago implements is they have other accessories with matching finishes like their Allure Stylus Stand and iDevice Stands.

The functionality is superb. The pad allowed my Microsoft Arc Mouse to be very responsive and smooth. The pad feels comfortable on my wrist and hand.


Thinking outside the box for a moment, this pad is great for not only using on a desk but also if for example you like to work at a recliner or couch. The pad is a solid pad that can rest on the arm of the chair/couch, which allows for a very comfortable and relaxing work space.

I would recommend this mouse pad for anyone looking for a durable, sleek and professional style mouse pad. Because of the great durability this would make for a nice travel mouse pad as well.

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