Educational Tech.

The world of tech. is moving faster than a football lineman downing a chili-dog after a game (so that means fast). Kids these days are learning how to use the tech. at earlier ages than adults could ever imagine. Some may believe that kids using so much tech. could be a bad thing and then there are those who think otherwise. Let’s find some middle ground.

We can most likely agree that avoiding tech. is close to impossible. While some kids might be more fortunate than others, in the respect of having more expensive toys and possessions; some kids do not have that luxury. But tech. influences all kids in some form or fashion. School, churches and homes have some kinds of tech. laying around. Smartphones, iPads, Android Tablets, iPods, MP3 Players, Mobile Gaming and Game Consoles…not too mention all the in-between gadgets; kids are around a lot of tech. So with all this tech. around kids, let us use it to our advantage. How can we use tech. to our advantage?

Schools (Private and Colleges) are beginning to pass out iPads vs. laptops. Children Networks are developing apps for iPads and Android Tablets. Colleges are using online programs for even on-campus classes, such as the tool Blackboard. Disney and Nickelodeon have developed apps for education. Textbooks are beginning to be produced via eBooks. Reading Programs such as My Baby Can Read use video with written materials. OK Get the picture? There is something for just about every child. There is something for every age group. From crawlers to college; our kids, ourselves will be forced to use tech. to educate the minds of the world.

Read up on what is available. Developers have created programs with you in mind. Take advantage of the resources that are out there. If the kids are gonna be infront of the tech. whether it is an iPad or gaming console, try out some programs that can fit your families lifestyle and educational needs. Tech. is an exciting and ever changing, evolving beast that is yours to tame.

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