DUZiGN case for the iPhone 5

DUZiGN caught my attention almost right off the bat. I honestly did not have too high of expectation just by judging the book by its cover. I am a fan of slim cases. I do not like bulk at all, even if the case is quote/unquote “durable, industrial or heavy duty.” DUZiGN in my opinion gives most thin cases a run for the money. Speaking of money the case will only set you back $7.50 over at Amazon.

So what makes me like this thing so much? Glad you asked! When I unboxed the case I had the feeling this would be a “typical” bumper style case with a clear back. Well, I was wrong. When I say “typical” I mean from what cases I have used looking like this one; the buttons were hard to press. I have tried out a few kinds (mostly if not all cheap eBay specials). But this is not cheaply designed at all.


The material is made from a high quality durable material and is surrounded by a rubber bumper for edge protection. The case is slightly raised above the screen which will allow screen protection on flat smooth surfaces. The volume and power buttons are covered by the colored rubber bumper that is fitted around the buttons. The buttons are easy to press. Which is the biggest reason why I like this case. From my experience with this style case the buttons are hard to press and I ended up not using the case at all. But as I mentioned before those were cheap eBay specials. DUZiGN is an exception to the typical. It is not typical at all.

The clear back is a cool feature for a couple reasons. First, if you like the design of the iPhone 5 itself, then you now have a window to look through. Another cool thing is that you have options for customizing the case to fit your taste in style. You can add a wallet size photo or if you like to have skins on your phone the case is compatible. Customization + options = FTW.


There are plenty of color options to choose from and if you want something other than a clear back style they have some other designs as well. I like this case. It is something that I would consider getting and you can’t beat the price. You’re gonna get a customizable, durable and good looking case. Shout out to CaseCrown for sending this to me for review. Be sure to check out their newly designed website! They have a lot of cool stuff going on there. Check out my favorite part of the site too The Giving Project.


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