Defining Christianity and the Christian.

What does it take to get into Heaven?

That’s a question that resounds within the Christian realm. No matter what denomination one might be member of, what church one attends or someone that simply wants to know more about Heaven.

What is a Christian?

If you were to ask this question to to ten different people, you would probably get ten different answers. Ironically the word “Christian” is only mentioned in the Bible a few times and most of the time it was used in a derogatory tense. Some may define Christian as someone who follows Christ or little Christ. Both would be good answers. But how do you become a Christian? What makes one person more like a Christian than the other?

Is it by praying a certain prayer, going to church, reading your Bible, telling others about God or even leading other Christians? When does Christianity take place in someone’s life? In my opinion and conviction when someone becomes a Christian is when a heart level decision decides to love Christ with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Following Christ becomes life. It is more than just getting into Heaven. Honestly, getting into Heaven should one of the last things on someone’s mind. There is too much at stake between today and the time we step foot in Heaven when we die or when Jesus takes us home.

The Holy Spirit must be able to bend us and mold us. The life of a Christian is an ongoing learning experience. The Bible uses marriage as an example of the relationship we are to have with our Redeemer. Ask any married couple about what it takes for a marriage to work. Marriage takes work. One hundred percent from both people. Everyday. In order to better the life of ourselves we must forget ourselves and take care of our mates needs. In the same way for us to have happiness in our relationship with Christ, we must deny ourselves, get uncomfortable, pursue and love God. Real change comes with real sacrifice. But the sacrifice is not as bad as it sounds. It is worth listening to His voice.

Bottom line. It is all about relationship. The closer we are to the Father, the closer we hear the heartbeat of the Father. The closer we are to the heart beat, the more we will know the Father’s heart. Jesus only did and said what the Father did and said. Jesus knew the Father’s heart. The Father’s heart is the key to Christianity.

Is Christianity easy? No. Are Christians perfect? No. Are Christians hypocritical? Yes. Do we mess up? Yes.

Christianity is not defined about what we do wrong or even what we do right. Christians are defined by who they follow, love and adore. Who is Christ. Jesus. The Son of God. The One and Only. Alpha and Omega. The Lover and Redeemer. The One who gave it all

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